shiled_roseFollowing the sad passing of Roger Lankford last year, we are able to announce that the Lancaster Armoury Co will be transitioning to new ownership. Matthew Finchen, a young professional medieval armourer, met with Roger to discuss the continuation of his long established business of making swords and armour. These discussions were cut short by Roger’s relapse and untimely death, but they have continued since with the full support of his family, especially that of his two sons, Elliott and Clive, both of whom are keen to ensure the business which Roger built should continue and knew that Roger was keen that Matt should be the one to take up the reins.

promo1It has not been straight forward, with probate and other complications, but all now seems to be on track for the business to continue, which will still be based in Roger’s old workshop and with almost all of the existing UK suppliers in place. Matt has designed a new range of full contact armour for sale under the LA brand, covering German, Italian and English styles. Matt has already taken orders for some of these new designs, when he attended Caldicot in September. The new armour ranges will be launched on this site later in 2017. It will take a little bit more time to get the weapon side of the business up and running as proofs of every blade to be offered for sale are being manufactured by Matt to ensure that they meet the standards that all users of Lancaster Armoury products have come to expect. promo2

Please be assured that Matt intends to continue making LA products to Roger’s exacting standards, that is blades and armour which will be suitable for full combat re-enactment and available at affordable prices.

In the meantime, should you wish to contact Matt, to discuss his current work, or any matters about the LA products, his contact details can be found at the following link:

We will provide promo3occasional website updates on the progress being made over the next few months, especially as products become available for sale or order, and we look forward to seeing you in person at the major re-enactment events in 2017.


Arms & Armour from throught the ages...

Lancasters Armourie kit list is now very comprehensive and covers pieces for most periods from 640 BC to 1460 AD:-
Daggers & Poniards, Short Basilard arming Swords, Light Swords and Long Swords, Hand & Half Scottish claymores and English War Swords. Great Swords, Double Handed Swords and Great Flambards. Glaives, Anglo Norse Axes, Crescent Axes, Maces, Great Helms, Salets, Barbutes, Basinets, Sugarloaf & Kettle helms.  Milanese Plate Gauntlets, Fingered Gauntlets, Buckler hand shields, Black prince plate Armour and Gothic style Armour. With all the armour available as an easy to assemble “Self Assembly Kit”.

promo4The one thing that has not changed is the company's marketing policy, it was and remains a simple statement:

“If you are pleased with what we’ve made you – please tell every one. If you are not! Please tell us so we can correct our mistakes”

Roger Lankford - In Memorium