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Originally formed in the early 1980’s by the Lankford family and close associates, the name Lancaster Armoury has become synonymous with Legendary Sword makers producing extraordinary tough and long life, full contact medieval edged weapons and affordable tough working armour. This was achieved by 30 years of dedicated research; learning skills and techniques that are very old knowledge, supported with real time tournament trial & error proving.

Following health problems, Roger of Lancaster Armoury Co in UK acknowledges the need to find a new committed owner to buy the company and learn the knowledge and specialised skills, to continue the Lancaster Armoury business.

Although the normal trading turnover is reduced to a level Roger is able to maintain with his declining health, the demand and potential for Lancaster Armoury edged weapon is still great and an alternative strategy is needed to preserve the skills and the knowledge it uses.

What is offered: - The completely functioning business “Goodwill, Lock, Stock and barrel”.

  1. 3 months intensive training program living with Roger in the UK - with ongoing support for his knowledge and experience (for as long as is practical).

  2. The conventional and specially designed tools and manufacturing equipment used to manufacture the company’s product range (heavy work benches, 2 x 100t hydraulic presses, hand Presses, hand and power Rollers, Grinders, Sanders, Polishers, English wheel, Vices/Anvil, “the Custom built Blade grinding machine”.

  3. The Intellectual copy-rights for designs and patterns, a full photo gallery inventory and details link is available).

  4. The entire past and present actual written hard copies of client orders for 2 decades.

  5. The UK business links, accounts, and goodwill with our long standing specialised Steel suppliers, our Laser cutters and our Heat treatment specialists.

  6. Our trade exhibition tables, decor, racks, stands and display tent equipment.

  7. Sword steel blanks stock (cut and heat treated – ready to grind); Bronze cast stock, rivets, Leather straps, pre-cut Armour plates and other consumables.

  8. My personal endorsement

The succesful owner will require: - Dedication, Determination & Will power.

  1. Be able to communicate in English

  2. Be willing to make an appropriate buying offer prior to commencing the project

  3. Be willing to train in central UK as a guest in my home (I will help relocating to EU) if appropriate).

  4. Demonstrate a committed business and hands-on ability

  5. Financially support yourself for at least 6 months during switch-over.

Initial contact by e-mail direct to Roger;   Roger@lancasterarmoury(dot)co(dot)uk


The one thing that has not changed is the company's marketing policy, it was and remains a simple statement:

“If you are pleased with what we’ve made you please tell every one. If you are not! Please tell us so we can correct our mistakes”