Roger Lankford

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Roger Lankford, a true gentleman for the ages.

The page below is left in tribute to the great man, although all links to purchase from the site have been temporarily removed. As the family come to terms with this huge loss this site will be updated according to the wishes of those left behind.

Roger Lankford - you will be missed greatly.

On bended knee and with sword in hand, we salute you.

Lancasters Armourie Limited is owned by the Lankford Family and is run by Roger Lankford. The Lankford Family joined historical re-enactment during the late 1970s and became inspired by Medieval combat. In those early days there were very few weapons and armour available for re-enactors to use, so,  if you couldn’t acquire stage props, you made it yourself. It was this “make it yourself” background that drew Roger into making Medieval swords, helms and armour.Example content image using the class .alignright

You learn a lot about subjects you are passionate about.  Roger became completely absorbed in making medieval weapons and armour - specifically for the extreme type of medieval combat he preferred. To Roger’s mind, everything had to be capable of extreme stresses which meant “tough”. Every piece of his personal equipment became a test ground for his ideas; Daggers, Light Swords, Long Swords, War Swords and Double-handed Swords were designed and tested with this thought in mind. Even the additional ranges of pole weapons (Mace, Dane Axe, Crescent Axe, Glaive and Bardische) became subject to the same scrutiny. Roger's medieval armour didn’t escape this same attention, and a very tough range of medieval armour, gauntlets and helms became available. These products were designed to be so tough they would withstand direct full-force attacks. In fact,  most of the pieces Roger made 10 years ago are still prized by their owners.

We are not sure when Lancasters Armourie transformed from the status of hobby manufacturing for friends into the business we see today, but Roger’s driving attitude still seems to be “you learn a lot over 30 years, and if you continually strive to make your best, you’ll learn how to do it right - from your mistakes and your successes.” It’s this inspiration that has resulted in a range of medieval equipment and weapons that are almost indestructible.

Arms & Armour from throught the ages...

Lancasters Armourie kit list is now very comprehensive and covers pieces for most periods from 640 BC to 1460 AD:-
Daggers & Poniards, Short Basilard arming Swords, Light Swords and Long Swords, Hand & Half Scottish claymores and English War Swords. Great Swords, Double Handed Swords and Great Flambards. Glaives, Anglo Norse Axes, Crescent Axes, Maces, Great Helms, Salets, Barbutes, Basinets, Sugarloaf & Kettle helms.  Milanese Plate Gauntlets, Fingered Gauntlets, Buckler hand shields, Black prince plate Armour and Gothic style Armour. With all the armour available as an easy to assemble “Self Assembly Kit”.

The one thing that has not changed is the company's marketing policy, it was and remains a simple statement:

“If you are pleased with what we’ve made you – please tell every one. If you are not! Please tell us so we can correct our mistakes”